June 22, 2021 technology

VO Creative Hub helps young talents meet professionals

KUWAIT: Talented and creative youth can now practice and improve their talents at the VO Creative Hub, which was launched on Sunday. They will get a chance to meet professionals from different fields to gain experience and support. VO, the first Kuwait-based integrated youth platform for incubating young talents, launched the first all-inclusive, fully equipped and high-tech creative hub in Kuwait to provide young talents with innovative avenues to unleash their gifts and export their talents to the global market through their creations.

The launch of the creative hub is the first stage of executing VO’s integrated platform that constitutes three projects: 1) VO Academy, an academic program for Kuwaiti youth to identify and nurture their talents. 2) VO Creative Hub, all-inclusive studios, laboratories and avenues to provide a space for Kuwaiti youth to express and develop their talents by practice. 3) VO App, a ‘smart’ app to unleash their creative talents on a seamless, high-tech and efficient digital platform.

“VO is not only a space for youth to expose their talents to the world in media and entertainment. We have conducted a comprehensive research on Kuwaiti talents that are gaining momentum, demand and interest on social media from regional and international audiences. The talents were filtered, assessed and categorized into various programs. Our research has shown that Kuwaiti youth are talented in many areas, and Kuwait’s first creative hub will accordingly support the country’s under-looked resources in those areas of talents,” said Riham Al-Ayyar, CEO of VO.

Ayyar explained that the VO Creative Hub includes all the facilities that support Kuwaiti talents in media and film production, e-sports and gaming, tech and innovations, sports and athletics, entrepreneurship, culinary arts, art and culture, and fashion design. “Kuwait’s VO Creative Hub will include studios, laboratories, networking spaces, creative offices and facilities that serve the talents of Kuwait in those areas,” she added.

The launch ceremony was attended by many celebrities including actors, social media influencers and others. The guests went on tour of the VO Creative Hub in groups, and had the chance to enjoy a music performance. VO Kuwait was founded in July 2020 as a result of a collaboration between Sheikha Ohoud Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah and Riham Al-Ayyar to empower local talents and position them in the global market. The platform’s mission is to support Kuwait’s efforts in positioning the country globally and diversifying its economy through its young talents.

Under the patronage of Sheikha Ohoud, the soft launch of Kuwait’s VO Creative Hub was supported by Alina L Romanowski, US Ambassador to Kuwait, where her visit to the hub included an exclusive tour of the hub’s studios and a meeting between VO’s team and the US Embassy’s commercial officer, deputy counselor for economic affairs and staff members.

The platform has already broken a record in supporting multiple Kuwaiti talents, including the production of a song bringing Kuwait talents and prominent celebrities together, called ‘BRAVO’, that crossed above 20 million views on YouTube in less than a month. VO provides an academic program for Kuwaiti youth to identify and nurture their talents, an all-inclusive creative hub to empower and express their ideas, and a ‘smart’ app to promote their creative productions on a seamless, high-tech and efficient digital platform.


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