June 9, 2021 aviation

Kuwait Airways releases its social media activity report

KUWAIT: Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) released its report on its role on social media during a year of the pandemic. As social media became more important during the lockdowns and curfews imposed last year, public and private institutions started participating in COVID-19 awareness campaigns.

KAC, as part of its social responsibility, participated in social awareness through its official accounts on social media. KAC ranked among the top institutional accounts on social media publishing awareness on COVID-19, according to the statistics of the Center for Government Communication.

Acting CEO Eisa Al-Haddad said KAC is widely followed on social media. “KAC has thousands of followers on our accounts on Twitter and Instagram. So our posts were very important, especially during the evacuation flights that brought over 22,000 citizens on 122 flights back home. It also provided important information about the Kuwait Mosafer app,” he said.

“KAC is systematically improving its content on social media to be more creative and useful to meet the needs of its clients, whether on services provided onboard or travel procedures and others. Social media is very important for KAC to keep in touch with the public, who can share their opinion and suggestions, as well as promoting new aircraft and new destinations,” added Haddad.

Public Relations and Media Manager Fayez Al-Anezi noted that KAC’s accounts on social media gained a large number of followers. “During 2020, the number of followers of our Instagram account grew by 21 percent to reach over 455,000. Over 725,000 users interacted with comments and likes with our posts on Instagram. Also, views of KAC’s videos of evacuation flights exceeded 405,000 views in 2020,” he said.


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