May 30, 2021 oil and gas

Kuwait Oil to issue a new contract for all heavy oil and shale gas services

The Kuwait Oil Company requested the assistance of an international technical consultant for technical advice in the field of oil exploration and production development. The consultant’s scope of work also includes the development of heavy oil, oil and shale gas and any other specialized project in the field of exploration and production of oil, Al Anbaa daily reported.

Source told the daily that Kuwait Oil is scheduled to invite about 11 international companies to participate on August 23, 2021, provided that June 16 will be the last date for receiving questions from the participating companies.

It stated that the contract is expected to include the provision of seismic analysis services for oil deposits and their interpretation, integrated exploration studies, geological analysis, geochemical studies, basin modeling, petrophysical interpretation, reservoir engineering, simulation, integrated reservoir studies and water management in wells.

It indicated that the consultant is required to provide qualified and experienced manpower for services, and the consultants or experts must have the experience and competence necessary to conduct the geological, geophysical, petrophysical, petroleum and reservoir engineering aspects of exploration and production activities through the integration of all exploration and production disciplines. The consultants and senior specialists must have worked in the major oil sectors and have extensive project experience in all phases of the E&P cycle from exploration to mature field production as well as unconventional exploration involving oil and shale gas.

Regarding the most prominent qualified international oil companies, the sources said that among them are: Fugro Robertson, Petrotel, NEDERLANDSE ORGANISATIE VOOR TOEGEPAST, Halliburton, Target Oilfield, BEICIP-FRANLAB, Senergy GB Ltd., RBS Energy, and finally QUANTUM RESERVOIR IMPACT.


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