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KFH highlights services provided for customers with special needs

KUWAIT: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) sheds light on the rights of customers with special needs, while introducing services provided by the banks to them. This comes as part of the bank’s efforts to support the banking awareness campaign “Be Aware”, which was launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) and Kuwait Banking Association (KBA).

According to the instructions of CBK, banks allow this segment of customers to benefit from banking products and services, while providing all means to ensure that they obtain banking services without incurring any additional fees or costs. This includes allocating a special branch for them in each governorate, with adequate car parks, wheelchairs and other means necessary for customers with special needs.

Banks also allow at least one ATM machine in the branch that provides banking services for people with special needs, which can be easily accessed. It provides complete privacy to the customer through a glass room that opens with the card and enables the usage of headphones.

Additionally, banks provide safe-deposit box services, staff trained in sign language to communicate with this segment of customers, and forms for account opening and other contracts and financial transactions printed in the Braille system. In addition, banks provide voice service on the bank’s website, which makes it easier for the customer to obtain banking services through the Internet.

Executive Manager Branch Distribution at KFH Aminah Alhamli indicated that KFH is keen on providing its services to people with special needs in an optimal manner. This supports its strategy in serving all customer segments, while facilitating their access to banking services easily and as per the highest quality and safety standards. Alhamli also underlined the equal right of customers with special needs with other customer segments in managing their financial affairs, and equal access to banking services, credit facilities, and other forms of financial services.

The “Be Aware” campaign addresses several topics, such as the consumer and housing finance process, banking cards, awareness of the rights of customers with special needs, advice related to cybersecurity and the protection of bank accounts, clarifying the mechanisms for submitting a complaint and protecting the rights of customers, as well as introducing the functions of the banking sector and its role in stimulating and developing the economy.

KFH is keen to support the “Be Aware” campaign activities with the aim of spreading financial education in society and raising awareness among the public about their rights in regards to dealing with banks, so that they are aware of financial and banking transactions. This is through publishing videos, educational materials and awareness messages through the bank’s social media channels, website, ATM screens, display screens in branches, in addition to newspapers and other media outlets.


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