March 13, 2023 healthcare

Health minister affirms support for university medical staff, scientists

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti Health Minister Ahmad Al-Awadi affirmed the Ministry’s full support for the medical staff and scientists of Kuwait University and Sabah Al-Salem University City stressing the importance of high quality educational output. The statement came during a press conference held on Sunday after the ministry and Kuwait University signed a memorandum of understanding in the presence of Undersecretary of the Ministry, Dr Mustafa Reda, the Director of Kuwait University, Dr Fahd Al-Dubais, and a number of deans and Ministry officials.

Minister Al-Awadi said the agreement aims to turn Sabah Al-Salem University City into a medical city with international standards explaining that Kuwait University has precedence in the quality of education. He also hoped that this will be the beginning of future cooperation between the Ministry and Kuwait University as well as other national universities in the country.

Head of the Healthy Cities Office at Kuwait’s Ministry of Health Dr Amal Al-Yahya said that this agreement is an essential step in transforming Sabah Al-Salem University City into a medical university city explaining that university cities are different as they consist of several different sectors, buildings, professors and accommodate about 40,000 students. Accrediting the city as a medical city contributes to the advancement of Kuwait’s classification in this field and enhances health outcomes and community health by increasing research projects, concluded Al-Yahya.

Anti-epidemics programs

In another development, the Ministry of Health has adopted World Health Organization’s programs for monitoring and predicting and responding to outbreaks of epidemics, a ministry official said on Sunday. The whole world has dedicated attention to latest treatments for viral and communicable diseases, conducting intensive studies to reach most effective treatments, said Dr Buthaina AlMudhaf, the MoH assistant undersecretary for public health, in an address to “Kuwait second infection control conference,” speaking on behalf of Minister of Health Dr Ahmad Al-Awadhi.

The conference sheds light on latest innovations and challenges facing efforts for combating the infectious diseases, Dr Al-Mudhaf said, indicating at participation of elite national cadres, delegations from other GCC countries, representatives of high-esteem universities and scientific institutions in the event. Dr Al-Mudhaf expressed gratitude to the personnel of the department of preventing epidemics and sterilization and the top leaders for their continuous encouragement for scientific progress at the national level.

Speaking to journalists on the convention sidelines, Dr Al-Mudhaf affirmed that the epidemical status in the country has been stable, alluding to rise of number of vaccination seekers noting that the proportion of those who had taken the jab exceeded 85 percent of the population. She also stressed that the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases must take all vaccinations against covid-19 and its variants.

Dr Ahmad Al-Mutawaa, the conference chairperson, said the three-day convention was scheduled to address latest innovations, treatments and various challenges in the face of combating the pandemic. Dr Kholoud Al-Fadhala, the conference scientific committee chairperson, affirmed its significance for shedding light on vital issues such as safety for patients and health care workers.


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