March 10, 2023 real estate

Housing Minister announces amendments of housing care regulations

The Minister of Housing and Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs, Ammar Al-Ajmi, announced the amendment of the Housing Care Regulations by the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, indicating that the most prominent amendments:

The Al-Rai daily said the following are the amendments:

— Increasing real estate ownership from 200 square meters to 250 square meters, which enables those who have real estate ownership not exceeding 250 square meters to open a housing request.

— The continuation of the housing request for the only girl whose father dies without having a Kuwaiti wife for him, as the current practice is to cancel this request.

— The real estate property is not counted starting from receiving the lottery card instead of actually receiving the housing alternative, which means that the entry of real estate property is not affected by the head of the family if he received the lottery card after he could not for a much longer period than this period because the one who is currently considered is The housing alternative actually received any receipt of building orders.

— The number of each housing committee is 9 members only.

— Canceling the detailed articles that oblige the citizen to submit certain documents, and instead most of the documents are completed through automatic linking and smart applications.

— Developing specific definitions of the concepts of housing care, in a way that enables the citizen to clearly identify his housing rights.

— Opening the allowance and waiver for the third time after presenting it to the competent committee and in accordance with the terms and conditions.

— Renting government houses according to historical priority, without any exception, and in a manner that achieves complete justice.


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