February 15, 2023 tourism

Green Island promises fun for all

KUWAIT: The Tourism Enterprises Company held a ceremony celebrating the start of the Green Island Season on Sunday, Feb 12. Many people were in attendance, including a number of famous media personnel and social media influencers, amid a festive atmosphere full of enthusiasm and joy in anticipation of the national holidays. The event included a variety of interesting carnival activities and shows, coinciding with the season celebrations of the 62nd National Day and 32nd Liberation Day.

The Green Island is the first fully artificial island that was established as part of the green waterfront project in Kuwait in early 1988. The island occupies an area of more than 161,000 square meters and is connected to the mainland by a corridor of 134 meters. Among the most prominent attractions of the island is an artificial lake fed by sea water coming from the Arabian Gulf and a 35-meter-high tower. The Green Island also includes a Roman theater with a capacity of more than 500 people, a castle for children and many recreational activities.

Fadel Al-Dawsari, CEO of the Tourism Enterprises Company, said the company will provide everything necessary to develop the Green Island and turn it into a popular destination for citizens and residents alike. Citizens and residents of all ages will find something to enjoy at the Green Island season, which is expected to go on for three months.

The island has been equipped with many services and entertainment facilities, such as: playgrounds, restaurants, cafes, sales outlets, shops, as well as a wide variety of games and activities for children and families. Anyone looking to book a ticket for the Green Island Season can visit www.greenisland.com.kw


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