January 19, 2023 aviation

Kuwait Airways to fly to Athens, Mykonos June 14

KUWAIT: Gearing up for the upcoming summer season, Kuwait Airways announced Tuesday the operation of scheduled commercial flights heading to the Greek cities of Athens and Mykonos starting June 14, 2023. The national carrier’s CEO, Maen Razouqi, said that selecting Athens and Mykonos, cities bustling with attractive touristic sites, came after careful consideration to ensure that such lines complement the Airway’s plans of expansion, read a statement.

As for Greek Ambassador to the country, Konstantinos Piperigos, he commented that this is integral to the joint collaboration between the two nations as it greatly contributes to strengthening bilateral ties. Kuwait Airways was established in 1953 initially under the name Kuwait National Airways, as a privately-owned company and operated its first flight in March of 1954. The Kuwaiti Government increased its participation in the airline to 100 percent in early 1960s.


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