January 16, 2023 technology

Kuwait Astronomical Society receives govt recognition

KUWAIT: The Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development and State Minister for Women and Childhood Affairs Mai Al-Baghli issued a ministerial decision to recognize officially the Kuwait Astronomical Society.

Head of Kuwait Astronomical Society and astronomer Adel Al-Sadoun, said that the society was established to gather people who share an interest in the study of astronomy and discuss astronomical topics while sharing knowledge and resources.

He affirmed that the Kuwait Astronomical Society aims to generate astronomical culture among social groups through various visual, audio, and print means, noting that the society will seek to create a generation interested in astronomy and appreciating its role in their lives, along with attracting specialists to be members and providing possible facilities to raise their cultural and scientific level.

Sadoun affirmed that the society will cooperate with similar associations and organizations, universities, academic institutes, and schools inside Kuwait and beyond to achieve common goals, adding “The society will contribute to research and scientific studies on local and international astronomy. Also, the society will be updated on the news of astronomers around the world as it is keen on issuing scientific books, pictures, and videos on astronomy, in addition to translating astronomical books, magazines, articles, and scientific research.”

He revealed that the Kuwait Astronomical Society will build a database and implement various astronomical activities such as astronomical observation camps. It will endeavor to attract people who have an interest in astrophotography and taking photos of celestial bodies and analyzing the data given, whether obtained by the members of the society or available by observatories or satellites around the world.

The society aims to hold seminars, lectures, and astronomical lessons and establish and organize astronomical conferences in which Arab and international bodies, associations, and organizations can participate. “The field also needs an annual astronomical calendar, so we will issue an annual calendar for astronomical phenomena,” he stated.

“We will build a fixed and mobile astronomical observatory to monitor various astronomical phenomena, such as observing the sun, stars, galaxies, and celestial bodies, and invest and market it in organizing events, activities, and publications. In addition, we will import scientific materials that will contribute to achieving the goals of the association,” Sadoun pointed out.

The astronomical society also will have educational programs for the public and may have access to telescopes and other equipment for members to use. It will be a presence on social media where it will share information and updates about events, meetings, and astronomical news.


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