January 13, 2023 healthcare

MoH stresses importance of research and development

KUWAIT: Director of the medical emergency department at the health ministry Dr Ahmad Al-Shatti said scientific research and development are key to sustaining the services of medical care, especially in clinical improvement and quality assurance, as well as medical training. Shatti said during a conference titled “One step to excellence” organized by the scientific research and development committee of Adan Hospital on Thursday the conference saw the participation of more than 300 doctors and technicians interested in scientific research, which is an indicator of the care for scientific research.

“The conference included three sessions. Each session reviewed five working papers that shed light on scientific research and encouraged its culture with the aim of providing attendees with the skills of thinking, planning and providing a platform that provides everything related to scientific research,” Shatti said.

“During the COVID pandemic, the performance of the hospital and primary healthcare centers was evaluated with regards to emergency action plans and the improvement of healthcare services. The hospital had many achievements, including the first human heart transplant and the first liver transplant by a national surgical team. Moreover, the hospital won the international gold medal for a pump to circulate the patient’s blood through an artificial lung, as well as benefiting from electronic services in the field of healthcare in terms of booking appointments, maintaining electronic files and re-dispensing medicines,” Shatti added.

Dr Latifa Al-Kandari, Head of the Radiology Department and Chair of the Research and Development Committee at Al-Adan Hospital, said: “The scientific forum organized by the committee in cooperation with the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences was attended by a group of distinguished doctors in scientific research. It comes under the umbrella of strategies and planning of the scientific research committee to advance the scientific level of doctors and develop the level of clinical medicine to make Adan Hospital one of the distinguished health centers in providing healthcare according to international standards.”

Vice Chairman of the Research and Development Committee at Adan Hospital Dr Michael Masoumi said: “High-quality healthcare is one of the seven pillars that form the basis of the development plan of the New Kuwait 2035 vision, which is the driving force behind development efforts set by the government. During the past three years, researchers at Adan Hospital have been able to publish more than 75 collaborative research articles and 19 editorial articles in peer-reviewed accredited international journals, which reflect an outstanding achievement for the promotion of scientific research and development.”

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