January 9, 2023 real estate

Kuwait finances housing project for Yemeni IDPs-

ADEN: Yemeni Marib Province’s Deputy Governor Mohammed Al-Mawadhi laid Saturday the cornerstone of a housing project for displaced families funded by the Kuwaiti Mansour Al-Khulaifi endowment and supervised over by Tanmia Charity.

In a press statement, Al-Mawadhi said the project consists of 60 housing units. He expressed deep appreciation and gratitude for Kuwait’s role in this relief and development projects.”These types of interventions are a direct help in alleviating the sufferings of the displaced” and a direct solution to a humanitarian crisis, Al-Mawadhi said in a press statement.

Director of the unit managing the camps accommodating the displaced, Saif Muthani, confirmed that this project “is a type of humanitarian intervention” to save the lives of the displaced people and protect them harsh weather.


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