November 22, 2022 banking

Kuwaiti Food Bank launches second phase of feeding

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Food and Relief Bank announced Monday, the launch of the second phase of the (feeding) endowment project, whose proceeds are spent on projects of feeding food, watering water and caring for orphans inside Kuwait.

The general supervisor of the project, Fahd Al-Kandari, said in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the project, since its inception, has achieved financial sustainability for the endowment thanks to the efforts of philanthropists and the support of companies and donors, expressing his hope that it will continue at the same level at this stage.

Al-Kandari added that the next step is to coordinate with the relevant authorities to complete the project’s progress in its second phase, by donating through the website and platforms of the Kuwait Food and Relief Bank. He stressed that the brotherhood and interdependence inherent in Kuwaiti society will speed up the completion of the endowment (feeding) and complete the charitable and humanitarian work in the country.


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