November 21, 2022 oil and gas

Kuwait Oil Min.,: Clean Fuels project achieves leap for oil sector

Kuwait: Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Oil Minister Bader Al-Mulla affirmed Saturday that the Clean Fuels project has achieved a quantum leap in the oil sector and provided further profitable opportunities to purchase products at global markets.

This came in Al-Mulla’s news statement to KUNA after the minister paid an inspection visit to the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC). It is the first visit of Al-Mulla since he was named oil minister.

Al-Mulla stressed the importance of abiding by the best global programs and methods in health, safety, security and environment areas.

He said this is a great priority for the safety of workers and ensuring the oil facilities, expressing understanding of the oil sector work, which is exposed to possible risks and incidents more than any other sectors.

He emphasized that the role of the sector’s officials is to take all required measures for the safety of workers.

The minister called for taking care of Kuwaiti workers and helping them acquire more capabilities, which contribute to upgrading them mainly in training and rehabilitation.

He commended the efforts of the consecutive generations of the company’s leaders and workers as well as their role in raising the Kuwaiti oil products’ profitability through their keenness on developing staff and developing their facilities.

Al-Mulla, accompanied by the company and sector’s senior officials, paid a visit to Mina Al Ahmadi Refinery to reassure about the output process, according to the company’s statement.

During the visit, Al-Mualla held a meeting with oil senior officials and called for boosting cooperation amongst CEOs of the KNPC and its subsidiaries to achieve goals and meet aspirations of the Kuwaiti oil sector.

He emphasized that occupying leading positions in the sector’s companies contributes to making right decisions at the right time, warning of negative repercussions that may affect work of this vital sector because of delay in decision-making.

He listened to some ideas and visions relating to the KNPC’s current and future projects and plans, promising to remove all obstacles that may affect the company’s performance.


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