November 17, 2022 healthcare

WHO organizes Conference for Creating Healthy Spaces in Kuwait-

The World Health Organization hosted a conference on 16 November, to create and improve healthy spaces in Kuwait.

This conference was organized to raise awareness and understanding of the healthy spaces concept, while also focusing on mother and child friendly spaces, smoke-free buildings, as well as youth and community engagement.

The objectives of this campaign are to the highlight policies and mechanisms by sharing learnings on good practices through case studies on creating healthy spaces in the private sector while identifying the barriers that may hinder its adoption and creation.

Dr. Assad Hafeez, WHO Representative of Kuwait opened the panel discussion by stating, “We believe there is a public will and common motivation to transform Kuwait’s public spaces into health spaces which is why to collectively create a concrete-action plan, we want to work together in collaboration”.

He further added, “The healthy spaces concept will ultimately reduce non-communicable diseases that are widespread in Kuwait hence promoting UN’s sustainable development goals 3 (SDG) health and wellbeing.”

This campaign also builds on the WHOs Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative event that was held on 5 October, which aimed to increase the exclusive rates of breastfeeding, by creating an enabling environment for nursing mothers in public buildings.

As WHO Kuwait Office has partnered with local stakeholders conducting a number of activities to raise awareness on the importance of breastfeeding and the health benefits that it reaps for both the mother and child. While also working with member states to increase the rate of breastfeeding mothers by at least 50% until 2025.


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