November 8, 2022 oil and gas

Kuwait Oil Company to float a combined tender for three contracts worth $450 million

The Kuwait Oil Company will recommend to the Central Agency for Public Tenders soon to float a tender for 3 contracts for soil cleaning, worth 450 million dollars, in coordination with the Kuwaiti National Liaison Point for Environmental Projects and the United Nations Development Program, reports Al-Rai daily. The sources revealed the three contracts will be offered in one tender, pointing out that the winner of any one contract has no right to win another contract.

Lowest bid
The sources said that the lowest bid prices in the three contracts were as follows — the lowest prices in the first contract were quoted by The Contractor Company, 148 million dollars, and the second by Al-Sayer Construction Company, at 155 million dollars; the lowest prices in the second contract were submitted by the Al-Ghanim International with $153 million, and the second by Hesco, with $176 million and the lowest prices in the third contract were submitted by The Contractor Company, at $152 million, and the second by Al-Sayer Construction Company, at $165 million.

The sources revealed that “Kuwait Oil” is preparing another new contract that will be offered after the completion of the current tender, which will include quantities of soil cleaning equivalent to one of the current contracts, and yet another contract for afforestation.


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