October 27, 2022 banking

NBK continues its support to Kuwait Dive Team

KUWAIT: As part of its corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability strategy, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) continues supporting the Kuwait Dive Team project to protect coral reefs in a number of Kuwaiti islands. Since June 2022, the Kuwaiti diving team managed to remove 19 tons of plastic waste and discarded fishing nets in different areas of Kuwait’s bays and coasts.

NBK Public Relations Senior Manager, Talal Al-Turki, said: “The environment is a major priority for NBK. Protecting and preserving the environment are pivotal elements of our Social commitment for the aim of realizing overall sustainability in Kuwait.” Al-Turki added: “NBK is proud to join Kuwait Dive Team in these initiatives to clean up and preserve the marine environment of the Kuwait Bay, which is one of the main drivers of the national economy.”

“NBK is committed to promoting the adoption of socially impactful and accountable practices in Kuwait. This initiative is in-line with our directive to raise awareness on the best practices of social responsibility as well as increase awareness to reduce harm and preserve the environment,” he noted.

NBK is keen on supporting programs that serve the community and spread awareness in efforts to keep the environment safe and clean. NBK remains the largest contributor to society. NBK confirmed its commitment to corporate social responsibility through its tireless community development efforts.

The Kuwait diving team has been participating in the protection and rehabilitation of Kuwait’s aquatic world through a host of activities that runs the spectrum of positive interaction with the environment.


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