September 14, 2022 technology

Kuwait internet speed 1st in Arab world, 82nd globally

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 13: Kuwait ranked first in the Arab world and 82 globally, according to the broadband efficiency index, which measures the speed of downloading via the Internet, issued by the ‘Cable’ website specialized in this field, while Lebanon continued its decline to reach 193 globally and 16th among the 19 Arab countries.

With Kuwait recording qualitative progress to take the Arab lead and jump by 18 places on the international list of broadband speed, it was noted that the majority of Arab countries, including the Gulf, recorded a decline in the global ranking, despite the relative increases in Internet speed compared to the current year and the previous year, while deepening sagging in the group of weaker countries, particularly Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

While Qatar, which retained the second place in the Arab world, recorded a decline from 78th to 95th globally, the UAE abandoned the regional leadership and also fell to 100th place in the global ranking after it was 73rd last year. Saudi Arabia retained the fourth Arab position, with a partial decline from 99th to 101st globally, followed by Bahrain, which also fell from 104th to 111th position.

This average internet speed is measured by downloading a typical high-definition movie of 5 GB, where “Cable” has taken more than 1.1 billion tests in 220 countries. Average global internet speed to 34.79 Mbps in 2022, from 29.79 Mbps in 2021. Globally, Macau recorded a qualitative progress in internet speed to occupy the first place in the world with an average internet speed of 262.74 megabytes per second, followed by Jersey with an average internet speed of 256.59 megabytes per second, and Iceland in third place in the world with an average internet speed of 216.56 megabytes per second, then Liechtenstein at 216.56 megabytes, fourth place globally, with an average internet speed of 166.22 megabytes per second, while Gibraltar ranked fifth in the world, with an average internet speed of 159.90 megabytes per second.

Syria ranked 205 globally, with an average speed of 2.88 megabytes per second, followed by Sudan in 209 globally, with an average speed of 2.57 megabytes per second, and finally Yemen ranked 218 globally, with an average speed of 0.97 megabytes per second.


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