August 8, 2022 telecom

Zain sponsored Al-Qabas Masterclass Summer Program

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, successfully concluded its sponsorship of Al-Qabas Masterclass Summer Program 2022, organized by Al-Qabas throughout three weeks to develop the youth’s media skills up to the highest standards. The program offered a unique opportunity for training and developing professional media talents in Kuwait.

Zain took part in the program’s closing ceremony, held at the Opera House in the Cultural Center of the American University of the Middle East (AUM) in Aqaila. The event was attended by Zain Kuwait’s Corporate Affairs Department Manager Hamad Al-Musaibeeh, Al-Qabas Media General Manager Nasser Al-Momen, as well as the program’s participants, their families, instructors, and sponsors.

Zain’s support to this program came as part of its belief in the private sector’s vital role in supporting the nation’s youth sector and embracing Kuwaiti talents. The company is committed to playing an active role in the investment of the Kuwaiti human capital. By shouldering such initiatives, Zain seeks to support ambitious young people and allow them to apply their skills, achieve their potential, and fully develop their capabilities.

Zain took part in one of the program’s seminars, held at AUM, where it shared its leading experience in media and public relations with the students, introducing them to its Corporate Communications and Relations Division, its strategies, and role in enriching the Zain brand.

The company also introduced the trainees to the various roles of its Corporate Communications and Relations Division, including external and internal relations, media relations and social media, corporate sustainability and social responsibility, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship.

Al-Qabas Masterclass Summer Program offered a unique opportunity for youth who were interested in pursuing a career in media. Al-Qabas offered the program for Kuwaitis during the summer vacation, featuring workshops, seminars, and field visits. The program was facilitated by a group of media experts, professionals, and academics.

Al-Qabas Masterclass focused on the most essential media skills, including creative writing, drafting press releases, writing articles, conducting interviews and reports, production, photography, smartphone photography, videography, content creation, PR and advertising, social media management, marketing, and more.


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