July 8, 2022 oil and gas

Al Masaood to introduce plug-and-play solar stations in GCC

Al Masaood Power Division, leaders and experts in power solutions, has signed a distribution agreement with leading French innovation company Sunstream International to spearhead the future of solar panel solutions in the GCC.

The agreement is aimed at creating the widest and the most sustainable range of patented containerised, towable and movable solar stations, which can be used in the agriculture, oil and gas, mining, and road construction sectors across the region.

It also encourages the firms to generate green and local electricity even in hazardous, remote, and challenging conditions.

Sustainable energy

Hani El Tannir, CEO, Group Industrial, said: “The UAE and other countries in the Gulf region are ambitiously transitioning toward more sustainable energy sources with solar energy emerging as an important solution to fulfil the energy needs of the region.'

'The UAE is pioneering the adoption of innovation and best-in-class technologies that will help build a sustainable future for the country in line with our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. Other countries across the GCC are also working towards realising their national decarbonisation goals by fostering solar energy as the anchor to national renewable strategies,” he stated.

With this agreement, Al Masaood Power Division intends to use Sunstream International’s first generation of mobile and modular plug-and-play solar solutions on a larger scale to meet the energy demand of the GCC, as there is little presence of clouds, 20 per cent around the year in the region. Solar power plants in the region can expect 1,750 to 1,930 hours of full-load operation per year.

Accelerating the shift

Rasso Bartenschlager, General Manager, Al Masaood Power Division, said: “We are a pioneer in power solutions with our top focus on accelerating the shift to sustainable energy sources, solar being one of them. The Middle East is at the center of the global energy transition with a huge influx of investment for renewables, including the solar energy sector.'

'We as a leading power solutions provider understand our role in facilitating the transition to clean and renewable energy sources, with GCC countries switching to green and sustainable economies,' he stated.

According to him, the GCC solar photovoltaic (PV) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 12.5% during the coming years with the countries in the region targeting to increase the share of renewable energy in their energy mix by 2050.

'This partnership also represents an important short-term and long-term business opportunity as the GCC countries are an ideal market for renewable energy deployment,” noted Bartenschlager.

Hence, such a trend is expected to create opportunities for the market to grow in the near future. Despite trends showing that natural gas will remain the primary source of power in the region, Al Masaood Power Division will continue to heavily invest in renewable energy to provide sustainable electricity through solar energy, he added.

Path to net-zero

Frederic Bouvet-Haas, CEO, Sunstream International said: “It would be challenging to enable net zero strategies and deliver paths to sustainable growth without working together to come up with lasting solutions.'

'We need to understand that the path to net-zero is unique for every nation, but we must find new ways to meet the surging energy demand while rapidly reducing carbon emissions. We, at Sunstream International, believe that innovation will save our planet. The shared agenda to generate green and local electricity is in line with our partner Al Masaood Power Division’s commitment to facilitate the region's transition to clean and renewable energy sources aimed at fostering sustainable economies,” he stated.

“After having installed big wind and solar parks worldwide for more than a decade, we have decided to design the first generation of mobile and modular plug-and-play solar solutions, minimising environmental impacts and eliminating the use of concrete or cement. The GCC region is ready for achieving more sustainable production of green electricity, in record time without complex civil work requirements,” he added.

Bartenschlager said Al Masaood Power Division had been a trailblazer in power solutions since 1970, with a strong focus on fostering innovation, best-in-class technology, and infrastructure to meet the energy needs of the region.

Credited to be the first to introduce the hydrogen-powered flying boats and world-class electric generators in the country, the division offers leading power brands such as MTU, Leroy-Somer, and Volvo Penta generators and after-sales services to the UAE and Bahrain, he added.


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