July 6, 2022 healthcare

Shortage of vital medicine queried

KUWAIT CITY, July 5: MP Khalid Al- Otaibi has forwarded queries to Minister of Health Dr Khalid Al-Saeed about the shortage of medicines for cancer, high blood pressure and triglycerides, and lung diseases. He requested for copies of correspondences with the manufacturers and countries which export medicines to Kuwait.

He asked about the measures taken by the Emergency Department to address this issue, and why such important medicines are not available in the pharmacies of public hospitals while they are available in private pharmacies even if a huge budget of KD400 million has been allocated for the procurement of medicines.

He warned that causing the shortage of essential medicines is considered a crime as it could lead to the death of many patients. He asserted the resignation of the government does not mean the concerned officials will not be held accountable for any negative consequences of such negligence


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