January 10, 2022 healthcare

CAN launches thyroid cancer awareness campaign

KUWAIT: Cancer Awareness Nation (CAN) Board Chairman Dr Khaled Al-Saleh said yesterday thyroid cancer primarily affected women more than men, but it was more than 90 percent a curable disease. In a speech during the launching ceremony of thyroid cancer awareness campaign at CAN training center in Al-Sabah Health District, Saleh said that in case of early detection, the survival rate from this type of cancer reaches 99.5 percent. Thyroid cancer does not cause any symptoms at first, but as it grows, it can cause neck pain and swelling, he said. According to the latest statistics of Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC) in 2016, thyroid cancer came in second place after breast cancer for women, as the number of diagnosed cases reached 231, Saleh said. Surgery is the best treatment, Saleh said, pointing out that surgical removal operations are not dangerous and allow treatment through radioactive iodine, as the treatment available in all Kuwait hospitals, with the need to adhere to the treatment plan and regular follow-up. The campaign aims to raise awareness of thyroid cancer and encourages changing the unhealthy lifestyle, he said .


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