January 6, 2022 government

Licensed camp is private residence, cannot enter without permission: Municipality

An official source in the Spring Camps Committee in the Kuwait Municipality said a “licensed camp is considered a private residence, and it can only be accessed with permission from the Public Prosecution,” and added this matter is outside the municipality’s powers.”

The source suggested, via ‘Al-Rai’, that several inspection teams be formed similar to the tripartite and quadruple committees formed by a decision of the Council of Ministers, provided that the Spring Camps Committee be directly affiliated with, and allow all camping sites to be followed up and monitored for gatherings, parties and events that are held inside the camps, especially since there are no joint inspection teams between the relevant authorities, as each entity operates according to its jurisprudence within the limits of its law.

He stressed the need to toughen the penalties further on anyone who violates health decisions, by resorting to camps and holding parties and events, and so on, especially since the Municipality is working hard to remove the violations, and even reduced the value of insurance, to enable everyone to obtain a camp residence permit, instead of making the situation chaotic.


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