January 6, 2022 government

Kuwait 3rd safest country in Arab nation, Qatar 1st

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 5: The Arab Gulf Center for Studies and Research has ranked Kuwait as the third safest Arab nation in 2021 according to the classification of 20 Arab countries in the study which was based on 15 various indicators, all of which are intertwined with the study of the “comprehensive safety situation for citizens last year”, reports Al-Anba daily. The study also gives a future outlook for 2022, said this is done after adding new approved determinants among other indicators to assess the state of safety, including the pandemic response indicators (death volume and vaccination rates) as well as climatic variables associated with the assessment of environmentally friendly areas, least affected by global warming, and most distinguished by healthy air quality, all of which are influential factors in assessing the quality of life of the Arab citizen. The Qataris maintained their first place as the safest Arab country for 2021, for the second year in a row with a bright outlook for 2022, followed by the Emiratis in second place.

The Kuwaitis climbed one place up from last year’s fourth position, the Bahrainis advanced to the fifth, the Omanis fell to the fifth place, and the Saudis are in sixth place, while the Jordanians in the seventh place bettering their 2020 ranking. The Moroccans advanced to the eighth place, and the Algerians ninth, compared to the ninth and tenth places, respectively, in the previous classification.


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