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MEW spent KD 21.3 billion to produce energy and water over 9 years

The Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, Dr. Mishaan Al-Otaibi said the cost of producing electricity and water in Kuwait during the past 9 years was 21.3 billion dinars, saying this cost is tied to the fluctuation in fuel prices.

In response to a query by MP Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqabi, Al-Otaibi said the cost of producing electricity and water is calculated by adding the cost of depreciation of assets, operation, maintenance, and fuel, in addition to various other expenses.

He indicated the cost of producing one thousand imperial gallons of water during 2018/2019 was to 8.23 ​​dinars, while the cost of producing one kilowatt-hour during the same year was to 40.56 fils. However, he indicated there is no study to predict the cost of producing electricity and water over the next ten years because the cost is tied to fuel cost, operating cost, and maintenance which make the task of predicting difficult.

Meanwhile, the latest statistics issued by the Ministry of Electricity and Water revealed the ministry supplied power to 435 plots with 71,482 kilowatts during last October in various sectors including private housing, investment, commercial, agricultural, governmental, and industrial sectors.

The statistic, the copy of which has been obtained by Al-Jarida, indicates the largest share was for private housing during October which reached 58.2% for 378 units (41,597 kilowatts).

The sources pointed out the investment sector came in second place with 17% with 12,118 kilowatts, while the government sector came in third place with 12.6 percent of the total load supplied for 6 plots (8,668 kilowatts).

The industrial sector came in fourth place with 6.4 percent, followed by the commercial sector with 3.6 percent, and in the last place came the agricultural sector with 2.3 percent for a total load of 1630 kilowatts.

Giving a breakdown of the installation statistics during October, the Capital Governorate topped the other governorates with a total load of 22,716 kilowatts, followed by Farwaniya with 18,818 kilowatts, in third place was Ahmadi with 16,315 kilowatts, Jahra came in the last place with 1884 kilowatts.


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