November 25, 2021 finance & economy

Kuwaiti investments in Turkey about 12 billion dollars

The head of the Foreign Investment Office in Turkey, Burak Daglioğlu, confirmed that the total foreign direct investment flows from the Gulf countries to the Turkish Republic was about 12 billion dollars, from 2003 until the end of the first half of 2021.

Davutoglu said, in an exclusive interview with Al-Anba, that Kuwait’s share of the total Gulf investments in Turkey was two billion dollars, or about 16 percent of the total Gulf investments in the Turkish Republic. Kuwait ranks fourth in the Gulf after the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

He added that the number of Kuwaiti companies in Turkey has reached about 400 operating in various investment fields and sectors, where the Kuwaiti investor ranks third in the Gulf in the number of investment companies operating in Turkey, after Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with a rate of 15% of the total Gulf companies.


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