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Diagnostic Imaging Center launches new services

KUWAIT: Dr Abdulmohsen Bennakhi, Consultant and Head of the Diagnostic Imaging Center (DIC) at Dasman Diabetes Institute, which was established by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, has recently stated that; “DIC is unique in its kind, as it is equipped with the latest advanced equipment in the world and the highest quality standards are set to ensure the best level of care. Dasman Diabetes Institute and DIC obtained the highest level of Accreditation Canada International, the diamond level.”

DIC offers quality radiology investigations to all people of Kuwait. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, delivering quality output. DIC maintains the highest quality of patient care and performs radiology tests in accordance with accreditation standards to ensure quality and safety.

DIC also actively participates in research by providing dedicated radiological investigations to support various research studies. These research collaborations have been instituted at national and international levels. Our highly experienced team assures excellent quality of procedures and reports through highly experienced and competent staff.

Dr Bennakhi added that DIC, in addition to the above, receives many cases daily from various medical specialties and is not limited to people with diabetes. In addition, DIC accepts most insurance types, including Afiah. He added that, DIC also provides highly advanced MRI 3T and 1.5T (wide-bore), MRI magnetic examinations with high speed and resolution imaging applications. The center also has the latest high-definition tomography (CT) devices with innovative low-radiation technology performance for full-body imaging and accurate imaging of blood vessels in the body, including evaluation of the coronary arteries.

In addition, the DIC offers ultrasound examinations, and many other services and tests, including Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) and body composition. Furthermore, it provides digital x-ray and Orthopantomogram (OPG), in addition to an integrated diagnostic vascular laboratory. Dasman Diabetes Institute is a non-profit organization that aims at scientific research, therefore, the services provided in DIC are at competitive prices and accessible to everyone.

In conclusion, Dr Bennakhi said that DIC has launched a new service to communicate with the public through WhatsApp on the number 65055011, for various patients from different medical specialties to inquire about the services provided and prices, and to book appointments and everything related.


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