October 7, 2021 telecom

stc sponsors ‘Safe Education’ national campaign

KUWAIT: Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced its sponsorship of the national campaign ‘Safe Education’. The campaign aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for education in collaboration with the Ministries of Education, Health, Interior, and Information.

Launched under the slogan ‘Safe Education’, the national initiative corresponds with the return of students to schools. The campaign began on Thursday, September 30, 2021, and will run throughout the year while upholding the highest strict health protocols and procedures, in line with stc’s corporate social responsibility framework.

The objective of the campaign is to support the Kuwaiti society by focusing on highlighting the precautionary health requirements and procedures that need to be followed by male and female students in their return back to school. After a break of almost 18 months due to the preventative measures applied to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus, the campaign was launched as a reminder of the necessary safety protocols set by government bodies to manage the start of the new academic school year (2021-2022).

Through its role, stc collaborated with the Ministries of Education, Health, Interior, and Information by utilizing its various social and digital platforms to spread awareness on the safety measures applicable to students and parents in the return to school. As a telecom leader possessing the know-how of reaching customers, the Company launched an SMS campaign with educational and instructive messages to inform parents and students on the different preventative safety measures that should be applied.

In addition to its contribution of sharing valuable information regarding preventative measures, stc will be scheduling field visits to different schools to meet with students. These field visits will help showcase firsthand some of the routine safety protocols that students can adopt to stay safe and healthy, while giving stc an opportunity to distribute gifts to the students as a form of encouragement.

Commenting on stc’s participation in this initiative, Danah Al-Jasem, General Manager of Corporate Communications at stc, said, “stc is accustomed to participate in initiatives that support the community, therefore it is not new for the Company to participate in activities that focus on benefiting our society. Having said that, stc was keen to participate in an initiative that focused on strengthening and confirming the commitments parents and students need to uphold in their return to school. It is essential that both parents and students apply the precautionary health requirements and procedures set by the Ministries of Health and Education from the moment they leave their homes up until they leave the school.”

Jasem added, “At stc, we strive to participate in initiatives that aim to educate the community and spread awareness on various causes. When targeting specific groups within the community, such as parents and students, we launched our awareness campaign through stc’s social media platforms as a reminder of the important health and safety measures we need to consider to protect our sons and daughters.”

In appreciation of the unique initiative, Jasem commended the efforts of the participating government entities in organizing and launching an awareness campaign directed to protecting the students of Kuwait. In this regard, Jasem expressed her deep gratitude and appreciation to the government institutions for initiating a campaign that aims to spread a positive impact in the community. The campaign not only aligns with the goals and vision of the Kuwaiti government, but also protects students and the Kuwaiti society as a whole.

Jasem concluded, “Based on stc’s values and our CSR framework, we were keen to accept the invitation from the State’s ministries to support their overall objective of protecting and empowering the Kuwaiti society. It is a critical step during this time to ensure that the appropriate safety and health measures are met in order to minimize the impacts caused by the pandemic, and as stc, we will continue to build on the role we play within the community. In this regard, we will spare no effort in progressively developing our CSR framework by participating and launching initiatives that support the community and assist the nation in overcoming the pandemic.”


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