September 8, 2021 aviation

Gradual dip in air tickets; ‘Illogical rates scare travelers’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 7: Two days after the opening of direct flights from Kuwait to Cairo, which was followed by a huge jump in the ticket prices especially for the return flights to Kuwait with record increase of almost KD 500 per ticket, the ticket prices are starting to witness some remarkable declines, reports Al-Anba daily. According to a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Travel and Tourism Offices Hussein Al-Sulaiten, the prices for the flight tickets from Cairo in mid-September would slightly decrease, with the ticket price ranging between KD 350 and KD 370.

The ticket prices are likely to drop even more by the end of this month to reach a range of KD 300 to KD 330 for a one-way return ticket to Kuwait. The rate of reservations and demand for travel did not exceed 30 percent of the total demand for travel before the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic due to several reasons. The first and main reason is the high prices of tickets due to the “quota” of 10,000 passengers per day set by the Council of Ministers. The return tickets from Turkey have increased by 30 percent in the current period since the beginning of this month compared to last month. This is because of the great demand for them as many citizens are seeking to return before the school season, which will start on October 4.

Surprisingly, the “quota” system continues until now, especially with the increase in the vaccination procedures and the approaching access to community immunity. The lack of travel by residents will contribute to reducing ticket prices, which is currently happening to destinations of great demand such as Egypt, as the ticket prices have decreased by 15 percent in the past few days due to the weak demand in light of its fictional prices, which had reached almost KD 500 one-way.


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