September 7, 2021 finance & economy

Good economic feasibility in deep mixing: KISR

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 6: The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research said that the deep mixing technique for strengthening hard and weak soils has good economic feasibility, speed of implementation, and efficiency in providing practical engineering solutions without the need to replace or transfer soil or use structural supports and related matters with costly operational services and may result in adverse environmental impacts. The institute added in a press statement on Monday that a research team from the institute made a reconnaissance visit to Boubyan Island to choose a site to implement the deep mixing technique to rehabilitate the infrastructure.

The statement explained that this visit came with the support of the General Staff of the Army in the Ministry of Defense and with the technical participation of the engineering cadres affiliated with the engineering of military facilities, as part of the implementation of the structural scheme projects on Boubyan Island to advance economic development and achieve the vision of ‘New Kuwait 2035’ and raise the global competitiveness index of Kuwait and improve its position internationally and regionally.

The team from the Energy and Building Research Center included the Director of the Construction and Building Materials Program, Eng. Suad Al-Bahr, the Associate Researcher in the Facilities Sustainability and Infrastructure Reliability Program, Dr. Thamer Al-Yaqoub, and the Associate Researcher in Building Technologies and Materials Projects, Dr. Muhammad Abdulsalam. The team also included a specialist for testing construction materials and innovative materials, Eng. Sheikha Al-Zuwaid, and from the Environment and Life Sciences Research Center, Director of the Crisis Management Decision Maker Support Program, Dr. Abdullah Al- Enezi.


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