July 28, 2021 real estate

Kuwait to spend $1.8bn on strategic infrastructure projects

Kuwait is set to spend nearly KD544 million ($1.8 billion) on five strategic infrastructure projects for the 2021-22 period, revealed Arab Times, citing a budget report.

The report issued by the Ministry of Finance confirmed that the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) and the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport (PART) had acquired the biggest share of budget on 10 strategic projects (capital spending projects).

Of the five projects, the biggest spend of KD360 million is for the Kuwait International Airport Terminal T2 expanion project, while a budget of KD74 million has been allocated for the New Maternity Hospital project, stated the report.

According to Minstry of Finance, in addition to this, around KD50 million has been set aside for the expansion project of Umm Al Haiman power station and complementary works.

Nearly KD30 million will be spent on the Abdali Expressway development project, while another KD30 million has been allocated for the construction of roads, bridges, rain and sanitation works, and other services on the Cairo Street, it added.


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