June 2, 2021 aviation

Kuwait Airport expected to open gradually by June end

Kuwait is on the threshold of reaching herd immunity as a result of increased vaccinations, Arabic daily Al Qabas reported.

The newspaper reported that informed sources revealed to them that the upcoming three months of June, July and August will constitute a decisive period in the fight against coronavirus and also witness the gradual reopening of Kuwait airport by the end of the month.

The paper also reported that those intending to return to Kuwait would have had to be vaccinated with the approved vaccines which include Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna.

However, for those who have been vaccinated by vaccines which are not in the approved list, a plan is under consideration to give them a single dose of one of the approved vaccines.

The sources concluded that by September nurseries would be opened according to health requirements, as also schools so that they reach upto 60 capacity and gradually increase as the situation improves.


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