May 11, 2021 telecom

Zain partners with Asimah Governorate to renovate Capital entrance

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced a partnership with Al-Asimah Governorate that will see the company contributing to renovating and greening the Capital’s main entrance to reintroduce it with a fresh and all-new look. The initiative comes as part of the Governorate’s vision to renovate its areas in a manner that reflects an elegant image of the country, as well as showcase the private sector’s role in achieving social sustainability projects in partnership with the public sector.

The agreement was announced during a visit made by Zain Kuwait’s Chief Executive Officer Eaman Al-Roudhan to the office of Al-Asimah Governor Sheikh Talal Khalid Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah at Naif Palace. During the visit, Zain was selected to renovate and maintain the main entrance of the Capital.

Commenting on the collaboration, Zain Kuwait’s Chief Executive Officer Eaman Al-Roudhan said: “First, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Al-Asimah Governor Sheikh Talal Khalid Al Ahmad Al Sabah for his kind efforts in making this partnership a success. This is nothing short of a clear indication of the fruitful results of active partnerships between Kuwait’s public and private sectors to further progress our beloved nation in all areas.”

Roudhan explained: “There is no doubt that the Kuwaiti private sector is not only a strategic partner but also a main pillar in achieving the country’s developmental goals. The private sector has a pivotal role in elevating the efficiency of the nation’s various infrastructures, and we are pleased that Zain has been selected to renovate the main entrance of Al-Asimah Governorate. We are excited to contribute to reflecting an elegant and refreshed image of the nation’s Capital at the heart of its entrance”.

Roudhan added: “We are well aware of the vital role played by SMEs in achieving social and economic development, as we believe that they are a main contributor to the success of the country’s various developmental goals. For this, we look forward to contract with a local, national SME to deliver this project as part of our strong belief in the potential of Kuwaiti entrepreneurs and their crucial role in achieving social sustainability projects”.

Roudhan concluded: “Zain is committed to making its resources available to shoulder the public sector. We will always be ready to contribute to Kuwait’s developmental goals across various sectors to further progress our beloved nation”. Asimah Governor Sheikh Talal Khalid Al Ahmad Al Sabah praised Zain Kuwait’s initiative in building a unique monument at the Governorate, a step that will add an elegant aesthetic in the area. The Governor added that the monument would be built soon.

The remarks came as part of a press statement by Governor Al Khalid during the meeting held at the Governorate’s head office with Zain Kuwait CEO Eaman Al-Roudhan and Zain Kuwait Chief Corporate Communications and Relations Officer Waleed Al-Khashti.

Khalid expressed his appreciation at Zain’s efforts in practicing its social responsibility by serving the local community. He said that the company’s keenness on creating a unique monument that utilizes the best design standards, as well as aligning the project along with the Governorate’s renovation vision, is something that brings forward hope and reflects the bond between Kuwaitis and their shared passion in serving their country across all areas.

Khalid hoped to see more similar efforts by allowing private sector organizations to volunteer and serve their nation. He affirmed that the joint collaboration between the Governorate and Zain Kuwait will continue to serve the local community as per the set laws and regulations, with the collective aim of opening up new horizons of collaboration in the future between the two parties.

Khalid also expressed his sincere gratitude and appreciation to Director-General of the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources Sheikh Mohammed Al-Yousif Al-Sabah, Director-General of Kuwait Municipality Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, and Kuwait Municipality Deputy Director-General for Al-Asimah and Al-Jahra Governorates Affairs Faisal Sadeq Jumaa for their great efforts and continuous support in serving the Governorate.

Khalid concluded his statement by inviting all private sector organizations to follow along Zain’s footsteps and adopt similar initiatives to further develop the nation’s areas as part of their social responsibility. Zain’s support to this initiative comes in line with its core objectives that aim at shouldering the advancement of the community as a whole on all levels, where the company reaffirms the principal of partnership through similar efforts with the aim of contributing to the further progress of national goals and serve the country’s developmental efforts.


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