April 18, 2021 aviation

Jazeera Big Travel Survey reveals 31% of Kuwaitis plan to travel at least 5 times in the coming year

The results of Jazeera’s Big Travel Survey recently conducted by the airline revealed that 31% of Kuwaiti respondents plan to travel at least five times in the coming 12 months, while 58% among all nationalities plan to travel at least three times in the coming 12 months. Jazeera has collected the information to help create the right customer experience for its passengers in the future.

The survey, which covered nearly 4,500 customers amongst citizens and residents, also found that most respondents plan to travel on long vacations and annual leave, while 30% of respondents said they will be traveling to visit family and friends. Their preferred leisure destinations included Turkey, Thailand, UAE, Georgia and UK.

Aircraft Safety

Jazeera’s survey showed that passengers consider flying safe from Covid-19 and that knowledge of cabin hygiene measures makes them feel better.

When asked if they believed an aircraft is safe during the pandemic, over 71% of respondents said it was safe and 80% said that this makes them feel better to know that aircraft have special air filters.

Quarantine and PCR Requirements

59% of all respondents confirmed that they would still travel if a 7-day quarantine or more is mandated at their destination or upon their return, in comparison to a recent study issued by IATA which showed that 84% of passengers would choose not to fly if quarantine is mandated. However, 58% Kuwaitis said they would not travel if quarantine was in place, which shows that it is a major barrier to travel.

Jazeera’s survey also showed that PCR tests are not a barrier to travel. 81% of respondents confirmed that they would still fly if they had to take a PCR test before flying. Majority however agreed that they would pay a maximum of KD 20 per test.

Covid-19 Vaccination

Vaccination before flying was highly accepted by respondents. They confirmed that it gives additional comfort knowing that their fellow passengers and cabin crew members have been vaccinated.

89% of respondents confirmed they would take the Covid-19 vaccine should it be mandated to travel to their destination. 71% said they would you feel safer if you knew other passengers had been vaccinated and 75% would feel safer if the cabin crew are vaccinated.

Safety Measures and Social Distancing

To maintain maximum protection over 55% think that social distancing and masks should remain the norm in airports and aircraft for 12 months or even longer.

Contactless Traveling

The survey also touched base on the importance of contactless journeys for passengers during these times. The responses revealed that they very highly preferred with over 90% of respondents saying they would prefer to use self-check-in alternatives, mobile boarding passes and e-gates when travelling from now onwards.

Survey Pool

The survey pool covered a sample of 4,489 customers, 29% of which are Kuwaitis, 27% Egyptians, 20% Indians, 13% citizens of Levant countries, 3% citizens of Gulf countries and the rest covering countries in Europe, Americas and Asia.

The age group of the sample included 35% between the ages of 35 and 44 years, 24% between 25 and 34 years, and 24% between 45 and 54 years.


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