December 8, 2020 fashion

Zalando fashion chief Rubin Ritter steps down to let wife's career 'take priority'

The co-chief executive of online fashion giant Zalando is stepping down to allow his wife's career to 'take priority'.

Rubin Ritter, who has been co-chief executive of the German online-only company since 2010, will take a step back next year, cutting short his contract.

Ritter had been due to stay in his position until November 2023.

The co-chief executive, who is responsible for strategy and communications on the management team, said in a statement that he wanted to devote time to his growing family.

'My wife and I have agreed that for the coming years, her professional ambitions should take priority,' he said. 'And regarding my own future, I am eager to allow myself time to explore new interests beyond Zalando.

'In my remaining months I will ensure that we continue to rapidly advance the execution of our strategy.'

The statement gave no further details about Ritter's wife or her job.

Ritter, who became co-chief executive in 2010, will leave Zalando founders Robert Gentz and David Schneider to continue to lead the company.

Zalando, which has amassed 35 million active customers in 17 countries since launching in 2008, said Ritter would step down at the next annual general meeting, which usually takes place in May.

Zalando chairman Cristina Stenbeck said while the supervisory board regretted Ritter's decision, it appreciated his transparency that gave the company enough time to organise the management transition.

'When we started to ship the first shoes to our customers from the basement of our office, we did not know where the journey would lead us,' Gentz added.

'It is impossible to overstate Rubin's impact on Zalando's success.'


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