March 29, 2021 aviation

Passenger traffic at KIA in 2020 drops by 11 million

The COVID-19 global crisis has severely affected the travel industry, disrupting airline flight schedules and travel plans of passengers at airports around the world.

Kuwait International Airport (KIA) was no exception and saw a dramatic drop in passenger footfall during the past year.

Reporting on the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic on air travel in Kuwait, the Director of the Air Transport Department at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Abdullah Al-Rajhi, said that around 3.9 million passengers transited through at Kuwait International Airport (KIA) last year. This was a drop of 11.6 million passengers from the 15.5 million who transited through KIA in 2019.

During the same period, the number of flights landing and departing from KIA also decreased by more than 74,000. Moreover, nearly 18 travel and tourism companies in the country had to stop their business activities due to the disruptions in air traffic and passenger travel, while the number of companies operating at KIA dropped from 52 to 47 in 2020.

Al-Rajhi stressed that the airport could not be blamed for an increase in infections in the country as KIA adheres to the strictest precautionary health measures at all times.


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