February 16, 2021 healthcare

Health Ministry’s Spokesman urges people to follow official sources

Health Ministry’s Spokesman Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad said on Monday that people should be aware of inaccurate information that undermine the efforts of all workers in the health sector facing the Coronavirus pandemic.

Al-Sanad made his statement in the daily Coronavirus conference, saying that misleading information threatens all the work made so far against the virus. He noted that misguided news about the vaccines could throw people off from the truth, and interrupt the implementation of the safety measures announced by the government. The spokesperson also said that WHO also warned people about inaccurate information and the dangers of the spread of rumours between people.

He stressed following official sources of information about the pandemic and to ignore all other means of misguided information, especially in social media and any other technological way that can spread information vastly and quickly.


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