October 27, 2020 auto

Volvo Cars Kuwait by BNK, Kuwait Hospital hold talk on misconceptions of breast cancer

KUWAIT: Volvo Cars Kuwait by BNK Automotive partnered with Kuwait Hospital and Cancer Awareness Nation (CAN) in a closed talk that brought together doctors, professionals and breast cancer survivors in a talk that aimed to raise awareness about breast cancer and the misconceptions around it.

Speakers were hosted at Volvo Studio and included Dr Dalal Al-Aradi – General Surgery Consultant and Head of the Breast Department at Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital, Dr Nadia Al-Mahmoud – Family Medicine Consultant, member of CAN, in charge of the awareness clinic at CAN and former head of awareness at the Ministry of Health, actress Zahra Al-Kharji, writer and author Dalaa Al-Mufti, Dr Wajd Al-Othman – Nutritionist specialized in Nutrition Education, and Besma Al-Qassar – founder of the ‘Women Support Forum’ and expert in human resources, women mentoring and leadership.

The talk comes as part of a series of initiatives by Volvo Cars Kuwait, Kuwait Hospital and Sultan Center in partnership with CAN. These initiatives aimed to encourage the companies’ female customers to get checked regularly and comprised lectures and workshops to educate women about breast cancer and self-check as well as a financial support program to women battling breast cancer.

Nadine Quaddoumi paints live during the talk. Painting proceeds to be donated to women being treated.

Commenting on these initiatives, General Manager of Volvo Cars Kuwait by BNK Automotive, Sherif Al-Sayed, said: “Volvo is a brand about people, and safety of the people is at the core of the brand’s DNA. From that belief, we are encouraging our female customers to get checked and inviting them to this initiative to raise awareness about the importance of early detection to increase their survival rates. This is linked to our brand value, safety DNA and caring about people through these values. We are pleased to be partnering with CAN and Kuwait Hospital to raise more awareness in our community.”

From Kuwait Hospital, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Hisham Siddiq, said: “As a private hospital, it is our responsibility today to educate our community about breast cancer and that it is not the end for them. It is a battle that can be overcome thanks to the advancement in the medial field. What matter the most is early detection, consistent follow-up, getting the support they need and caring for oneself. It is our role as medical staff to care for our community, as well as those who cannot afford it financially. This is we are partnering with institutions that share the same values and place people at the heart of their values such as Volvo Agency Kuwait BNK, Sultan Center and CAN.”

The talk focused on the challenges that face every woman in her battle against breast cancer, speakers highlighted the importance of providing her with a fully integrated support system that encompasses medical, psychological, nutrition and corporate support. At the core of the discussions was the importance of early detection to win the battle against breast cancer.

Dr Aradi and Dr Mahmoud called on women to avoid believing misconceptions and get checked regularly to increase chances of early recovery. Dr Othman highlighted the importance of a healthy lifestyle which have positive impact in reducing risks as well as during the treatment phase. She added that following up with a nutritionist during treatment is important because every woman reacts to the cancer differently.

On the other hand, Qassar spoke of the responsibility of companies in providing a healthy and positive work environment to their employees to increase their performance and wellbeing. The most prominent talk came from Kharji and Mufti who are survivors. They both spoke of the importance of being positive mentally and self-care during the battle.

Volvo Studio located in Sharq will continue to showcase artworks gifted by Wejha Arts. Proceeds from the sale of these artworks will be donated to women who need financial support during their breast cancer treatment. Breast cancer in Kuwait today affects more than 66 women out of every 100,000. It is also the most common type of cancer in Kuwait, representing 23 percent of all cancers among men and women, and 41 percent of all cancers among women according to CAN.


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