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100,000 Expats driving licenses subject to scrutiny

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 10: In May of 2019, the Ministry of Interior announced the cancellation of 538,382 driving licenses of expatriates obtained illegally. The Ministry of Interior renewed its intentions after more than 3 yrs to examine all driving licenses for expats obtained during previous years based on the instructions of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Acting Minister of Interior Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled in a step that may contribute to solving the traffic congestion crisis.

Around 100,000 driving licenses of expats are subject to scrutiny. The Ministry of Interior confirmed in a statement that whoever is found to have obtained a driver’s license violating the rules and regulations of the ministry, will be summoned and his license will be permanently canceled from the database of the General Traffic Department

Old Licenses

Security sources revealed that the old driving licenses for expatriates, some of which are still valid or have expired, and their owners did not apply to renew them and replace the new ones, amount to more than 100,000 licenses. Some of the licenses were illegally renewed despite changing the profession or salary will also be cancelled.

Those who have obtained a driving license in a fraudulent manner will be cancelled. Also those who transferred their residence to another employer and lost the conditions for granting a driving license. Those who left the country and were unable to return as their residence expired also their licenses will be cancelled.

Auto linked

The linking of systems between the General Traffic Department and Public Authority for Manpower resulted in detection of driving licences which were obtained in a fraudulent manner, reports Al Qabas.

Cancellation of expats license
Forgery and manipulation of work permit and salary data
Transferring residence and losing conditions on which driving license was granted
Those who left the country and lost their residence while abroad

Conditions to obtain driving license
University degree
Minimum KD 600 salary
Job title in work permit
Driving license in the country of expatriate


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