October 3, 2022 finance & economy

KPC intends to hold ceremony in launching of ‘2040 strategy’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 2: The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation intends to hold a ceremony to launch the KPC strategy and of its subsidiaries for 2040, after the strategy is completed and duly amended, reports Al-Anba daily. The sources added the oil companies affiliated with the KPC recently completed amending their strategy for the year 2040, in accordance with the changes required by the government.

The sources stated that the oil sector strategy for 2040 is of paramount importance in all the operations and activities of the KPC and its subsidiaries, as this strategy includes all areas of work, whether directly related to oil operations, or those complementary, which also takes part of the sector’s interest. In this context, “KPC intends to put forward a tender regarding organizing the ceremony, and the practice was scheduled to be published in Kuwait Al-Youm magazine Sunday (today). The value of the initial insurance for the exercise is one thousand dinars, good enough until the validity period of the bid. The KPC will hold an introductory meeting on October 17, to respond to inquiries.


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