September 23, 2022 aviation

Kuwait Airways to double Kuwaitization of senior posts in near future

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 22: Kuwait Airways Company confirmed that it is moving steadily towards Kuwaitization of jobs, and said the board of directors is working to Kuwaitize all senior positions in the company in the near future, reports Al-Rai daily. The executive management is working to double the percentage of national workers during the next 3 years.

In a statement, Kuwait Airways revealed a project has been signed with specialized companies to study and evaluate the salary scale and benefits for colleagues in the company, and to provide and implement the opinion, and it includes all jobs outside and inside Kuwait, in the interest of national cadres.

The statement said in implementation of the strategic plan pursued by the Board of Directors and the Executive Management since they assumed their duties at Kuwait Airways Company, with a comprehensive development and modernization of the adopted systems and their transformation into digital services to reduce the documentary cycle and save the trouble and exert efforts to comprehensively modernize all of these systems and creating a comprehensive “FIORI” system through which the employee can obtain many of the services he needs through the website and electronic e-rebate application, including, but not limited to among others. It is now easy to obtain these services and save time in order to upgraded services that contribute to the development of the work system within the company, encouraging young and highly qualified citizens.

The company said in a statement that in order to complement the efforts to create a suitable working atmosphere for all the employees, obstacles and difficulties facing the work team should be overcome, creating a spirit of competition and innovation. In addition, the company has launched a project with specialized companies to study and evaluate the salary scale and benefits for colleagues in the company and to provide feedback and implement it. This includes all jobs inside and outside Kuwait. The Board of Directors and the Executive Management added in a statement that they are keeping in mind Civil Service Commission Resolution No. 11 of 2017, stressing that officials are moving forward in the Kuwaitization of jobs in order to raise the Kuwaitization rate in the coming years, as the company views with great importance the national interest.

It would involve work within the Blue Bird team for the development of roles in the future and to attract the highly eligible and young Kuwaitis, in line with its strategy, plans, vision and hopes to reaching the Kuwaitization rate in the company, as it recently offered a large number of vacancies to include new young local employees to work within the team.

The company’s board of directors is also working on the Kuwaitization of higher-up positions within the company in the near future. Similarly, the executive management is working to double the percentage of locals in the next 3 years.

The statement concluded by emphasizing that the Kuwait Airways Company pays great attention to Kuwaitis working within the Blue Bird family by providing all modern training methods and specialized training courses necessary to enrich their skills to qualify them to become in the near future the officials and leaders of the company through a clear and transparent replacement plan and equal opportunities for everyone.


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