September 12, 2022 government

Kuwait’s fuel price ‘cheapest’ in the world

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 11: The government subsidy for fuel in Kuwait is an ongoing controversial issue, between studies calling for lifting subsidies to raise the state’s budget resources and insistence on continuing to pay international price differences to support citizens, reports Al-Rai daily. According to a statistical study of the numbers, Kuwait is among the cheapest countries in the world in the selling price of fuel (gasoline – diesel), where the average sale of a liter is 95 fils, compared to 185 fils in Saudi Arabia, 175 fils in Qatar, 335 in the UAE, 135 in Bahrain, and 445 in the United States of American and the UK 700 fils. It is known that the low price in Kuwait is due to the support provided by the government to all consumers, citizens and expatriates, so that they benefit from the reduced price.

According to the figures, the annual cost of fuel (gasoline – diesel) is about 976 million dinars, while the selling price is about 651 million, which means that the difference exceeds 300 million dinars. The difference between Kuwait and other countries widens significantly when compared to the revenues from selling fuel.


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