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Kuwait, Kuwait City: During 2021, Ooredoo Telecom, the first to launch innovated digital services in Kuwait, proved its immunity against unexpected events, strong performance, flexibility to accept and adapt to change, intense community-related responsibility, and inclusive strategy to overcome challenges and sustain its leading role as a differentiated telco play in the country. Strategic Partnerships Ooredoo continued achieving excellence and outstanding successes during 2021, through developing strategic partnerships that helped it to better understand the factors of change in consumer behavior. Among this year's remarkable partnerships are: Ooredoo's collaboration with the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), the leading provider of digital banking services in Kuwait and the region, to develop digital services, products and solutions that contribute to enriching customer experience in both institutions. The signing of the MoU came as part of the strategic partnership and well-established relationships between Ooredoo and NBK, and their keenness to provide cutting-edge digital services and solutions that contribute to meeting the needs of all customers to get an exceptional experience from leading institutions in both the financial services and telecommunications sectors. Ooredoo has also entered a reseller agreement with BT, a leading provider of global communications services and solutions. The scope of services includes managed connectivity and voice services, collaboration and contact centre solutions, as well as cloud-based security services and consultancy. Further, Ooredoo has announced its collaboration with Nokia, a trusted partner for critical networks, in which Nokia will be supplying Ooredoo Kuwait 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) equipment for the operator's customer premises. An early pioneer of FWA, Ooredoo is now offering the Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway as a premium internet device for residential and business customers. Ooredoo Kuwait is using FWA to extend the reach of its fiber network to premises not easily connected with direct fiber lines. This will support the company to significantly increase its fixed broadband customer base across the country. As organizations are shifting to a distributed, hybrid-cloud, multi-device world, they need to make sure they maintain security and IT retains control. Through its collaboration with Infoblox, the pioneer in delivering the world's most reliable, secure and automated networks, to provide network infrastructure control solutions, Ooredoo ensures advanced security, reliability, and automation to its network environments. Ooredoo continues to boost the efficiency and quality of its services, which contributes to solidify the company's performance. CEO of Ooredoo Kuwait, Abdulaziz Yaqoub Al-Babtain, expressed his pride in this year's achievements, saying: 'As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold on the global economy we were not immune to loses; yet, we worked as one body in developing strategies and a philosophy to overcome the challenges and sustain our market position along with the customer base. I extend my gratitude to all members of Ooredoo family for their tireless efforts throughout the year and looking forward to another milestones and successes in the future.' It goes without saying that Ooredoo has made quantum leaps in the world of telecommunication, technology, cybersecurity and security services, making it a well-reputed company with a leading position in the world of innovative digital services, information technology, Internet and communications. From his side, Tapan Tripathi, Chief Commercial Officer, Ooredoo Kuwait, said: 'With the diversity of customer segments, we have diversified our campaigns and marketing strategies to satisfy every segment. This led to an increase in the number of our customers, which mirrors their great trust in us which we take pride of.' Governmental Community Related Initiatives 2021, was not the year of achieving the desired revenues only for Ooredoo Kuwait, it was the year of improving the company's community-related initiatives to achieve sustainable growth in line with the deep values of human purpose that achieve social cohesion. On the map of government community initiatives, Ooredoo has been known for its well reputation in providing various services that provide security and safety for all members of society, as it works hand in hand with various government agencies in the country in everything that is in the interest of the people and the state. As part of its constant support to the efforts of the state and governmental bodies in the country, and the 'Safe Education' campaign, Ooredoo Telecom visited Maria Alqubtiya High School to ensure a safe return of students to schools in a healthy educational environment, along with encouraging students to continue adhering to the health instructions to protect themselves and others. Thus, the company distributed facemask masks and sterilization tools. It is noteworthy that the 'Safe Education' campaign came as a result of a collaboration of the Ministries of Education, Interior, Health and Information, with the participation of Ooredoo Kuwait and other prestigious companies in the country, hence, the campaign will continue throughout the academic year 2021-2022. Ooredoo in association with the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) has launched a new campaign entitled 'Safer Internet for Kids', the first of its kind. The campaign tackles YouTube Kids application, comes under the umbrella of Ooredoo Kuwait's social responsibility program, and aims to raise public awareness, encourage parents to take positive role in offering their children with a safer online experience through YouTube Kids' parental control options. Ooredoo was one of the first companies in Kuwait that established proactive strategies and offered constant support to the governmental bodies. In this approach, Ooredoo Kuwait has fueled the drive-in vaccination center on the south island of Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah bridge with a wide range of innovative digital products and services to support the medical staff and the overall vaccination process. In 2021, and as part of its effort to promote vaccination against COVID-19 driven by the company's national corporate social responsibility program, Ooredoo offered three months free of charge to all its customers -with post-paid subscriptions- who have had the COVID-19 vaccine. Ooredoo has also supported the government by offering it with a wide range of digital services to enable them to perform and operate more efficiently and effectively, including the cloud services and enhancing the infrastructure capabilities of health centers for vaccination against the COVID-19. In the same notion, Ooredoo Kuwait provided the medical staff and workers in the Ministry of Health with smart devices, handsets, and wireless network devices (routers) with SIM cards and Internet. In addition, Ooredoo has announced the launching of its charity campaign as part of their community service projects in association with Al-Najat Charity. Ooredoo designated a team together with Al-Najat Charity volunteers and handed over than a hundred food baskets for the needy families in the country. It has also donated KWD 5,000 to Al-Najat Charity, for its drilling wells campaign in coincide with the World Water Day with the aim of providing clean water for the poor countries. Ooredoo's charity campaign is integral to its commitment to enable collective humanitarian work, promote social responsibility, and increase awareness among the local community. Also, and in presence of Ooredoo Kuwait as a main supporter, BOnline and Dahiyat Abdullah Al Salem & Mansouriya Cooperative Society have signed an agreement states that all parties will work hand in hand to provide an integrated security system for residential areas starting from Abdullah Al-Salem and Mansouriya Co-operative Society. Ooredoo's main role will be supporting the security system by exploiting its 5G network connectivity, due to its best interconnection and Internet of Things (IoT) networks in the country. Digital Transformation & Sustainable Growth In continuation of its ongoing efforts to accelerate the digital transformation in the country, and in line with its business strategy to constantly provide the latest digital services to its customers and the public, Ooredoo has announced the adaptation and utilization of 'Kuwait Mobile ID', a mobile application provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) that provides users with a digital civil ID accredited for identification and digital signature for both government and private sector, for secure authentication of identities at any of its branches, sales channels, online at, or through the MyOoredoo application. Ooredoo rolls out eSim online purchase in Kuwait Ooredoo is the first telecom operator in the State of Kuwait and region to offer customers the ability to conduct a complete purchasing process of a new eSIM online and without any physical interaction or signature utilizing 'Kuwait Mobile ID', a mobile application provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI). PACI provides users with a digital civil ID accredited for identification and digital signature for both government and private sector. Essa AlMoosa, Executive Director of Business & Consumer Sales, Ooredoo Kuwait, said: 'Throughout 2021, we have gone beyond the individualism and reached a new understating and harmonization between the different departments which resulted in coming up with new creative ideas and innovative strategies. Indeed, we have worked as one body and one spirit, overcoming challenges to better communicate with our customers to deliver the best customer experience ever.' Excellence & Recognition Over the year, Ooredoo has won several prestigious awards in recognition of its excellence and innovation in maintaining its role position as a main contributor to the local community and serving the public interest, along with provide its customers with high quality telecommunication services. Ooredoo has proudly announced that it has won 3 categories at the 2021 Middle East & North Africa Stevie Awards®. It has won in the following categories; 'Innovation in Business Information Apps', 'Innovation in Customer Service Management, Planning & Practice', and 'Achievement in Growth'. The Gold Stevie Award® for 'Innovation in Business Information Apps' category was awarded in recognition of the company's MyOoredoo application. While the Silver Stevie Award® for 'Achievement in Growth' category was in specific a recognition of Ooredoo Kuwait's milestones in business, technology and digital services in the telecommunications sector. Lastly, Ooredoo received the bronze Stevie Award® for 'Innovation in Customer Service Management, Planning & Practice - Telecommunications Industries' category. More and above, Ooredoo was named the 'Kuwait's Fastest Mobile Network' for 2021*; awarded by the Ookla®, the company behind Speedtest®, and the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analysis. Ooredoo also won three prestigious awards at Advertising Creativity Award 2021 - the ninth edition held by the organizing committee of the Arab Media Forum, in the 'Best National TVC', 'Public Relations Stars' and 'Brand Excellence' categories. During the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Effie Awards 2021, Ooredoo won the silver award in the 'New Product and Service Introduction' category, and the bronze award in the 'Omni-Channel Shopper Solution' category, for the successful advertising campaign 'Inconsistent Internet Connection, unstable Mood'. At last, Ooredoo was recognized as the 'Best Internet Service Provider' at the annual Service Hero Awards for the year 2020, endorsing the company's long standing commitment to its customers. Recognized as the benchmark in the telecom industry, Ooredoo Kuwait was recognized for its excellence in offering complete coverage at high speeds, multiple plan options to suit different needs along with offering an excellent customer service. Mijbil Al-Ayoub, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Ooredoo Kuwait, said: 'Leaders are the ones who draw and shape the lines of success for the employees to follow, and eventually achieve the shared vision and desired goals and that's only how businesses succeed. This is the constant leadership of Ooredoo Kuwait, which managed the rudder with aptitude and responsibility to paint its clear fingerprints in the colors of excellence. Indeed, 2021 was the year of successes that reflected the company's strong performance through its meaningful communication with customers and community members, and the adaptation of extraordinary initiatives.' Human Recourse Development During the year, Ooredoo demonstrated its belief in the Kuwaiti youth and their ability to achieve sustainable development for the country. Therefore, it was keen on encouraging them, adopting their ambitions, rehabilitating and training them to work in all the company's departments, and has already met the percentage of national manpower and achieved 100% of new appointments of Kuwaiti competencies in leadership positions. It also achieved 100% of the leadership job placement, especially in vital and sensitive sectors in the company. These percentages came as a solid evidence of the success of Ooredoo's effective strategies, which aimed at encouraging and supporting youth. The company was also keen on training and equipping these Kuwaiti employees according to specific plans and programs to assume leadership positions and to enable them to carry out their tasks to the fullest. It made sure to develop advanced training programs to improve the capabilities and skills of the Kuwaiti employees in various fields, which contributed to building professional leaders. Omar Al-Bassam, Chief Human Resources & Administration Services Officer (CHRO), Ooredoo Kuwait, said: 'During 2021, we worked to achieve our shared vision and clear mission for change that is to maintain our pioneering role as a differentiated telco player in the country, and to create a healthy work environment for our people. The competitive forces that we face lately and will continue to confront in the future demand organizational excellence. Achieving such excellence require constant learning, team working, and quality. Therefore, we are constantly working on enhancing the human resource in the company by providing training opportunities for employees in various departments.' This year, Ooredoo aimed at two important goals: supporting employees, raising their efficiency, refining their talents and qualifying them to occupy leadership positions in the company. The second and most important goal is to open the door to employment for Kuwaiti youth to apply to several positions in the company. Both goals were efficiently and effectively achieved. Al Nokhba Al Nokhba by Ooredoo caters to the customers' telecommunication needs locally and internationally. The premium experience begins from the moment customers sign up for Al Nokhba membership, which includes lounge entrance, exclusive benefits, and priority purchase advantage, that guarantees their satisfaction. Thamer Altahous - VIP and Government Relations Director, Ooredoo Kuwait, said: 'There is no doubt that providing a smooth, secure and unique customer experience is our top priority at Al Nokhba. We are always keen on designing innovative strategies for Al Nokhba and VIP customers, providing the best products, services and plans for them that go in line with their changing needs, in addition to boosting their network.'


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