December 15, 2021 telecom

stc launches the ‘FULL 5G’ technology-

KUWAIT: Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling digital transformation in Kuwait, introduced the latest 5G Standalone technology dubbed ‘FULL 5G’ that elevates the 5G experience to a new level, providing better speeds, lower latency, and improved coverage. The new ‘FULL 5G’ technology, is exclusive to stc’s network, whereas customers with compatible routers will be able to enjoy the redefined experience through a free upgrade.

stc released a statement mentioning that it is the only telecom company in Kuwait and the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) offering the ‘FULL 5G’ technology, further building on its current strong 5G network and infrastructure. The FULL 5G technology is set to enhance stc’s network, upgrading the customer experience to a new exceptional level with a spectrum of ‘FULL’ capabilities. stc highlighted that routers compatible with the technology will allow stc customers to enjoy the full gaming experience with lower pings and better latency. stc takes streaming further with improved indoor coverage, so stc customers can watch their favorite movies or tv shows from wherever they are with download and upload speeds synced to perfection.

Customers wanting to benefit from stc’s exclusive new FULL 5G technology can do so by purchasing a compatible router. As for stc customers who have already purchased one of the compatible routers from stc, FULL 5G technology will be activated automatically. Providing this one-of-a-kind connectivity solution builds on stc’s longstanding commitment to progressively enhance and develop its range of offerings while enabling digital transformation, an approach that aligns with the objectives under Kuwait’s 2035 vision.

Commenting on FULL 5G technology, engineer Maziad Al-Harbi, Chief Executive Officer at stc said, “When it comes to enriching the customer experience, stc spares no effort in exploring and adopting new-to-market solutions that aim to enrich the digital lifestyle of its valued customers. With our primary focus set on offering innovative solutions and exceptional telecom services, we are releasing this upgrade to all stc customers that currently use a compatible router.”

Al-Harbi said, “The 5G revolution has redefined the way we connect to the world and has set the bar on a higher level in terms of the types of solutions we can offer our customers. Prior to the pandemic, stc focused on strengthening its 5G infrastructure and expanding its network coverage to 98 percent of the populated areas in Kuwait.

We have now taken our investment in 5G to the next level which will in return aid in implementing our strategy to enabling digital transformation in Kuwait. To provide our individual and corporate customers with exceptional services, we have also enhanced our digital touchpoints including our newly re-engineered mobile application, website, and digital kiosks to provide a streamlined and seamless journey all around.”

He added, “The FULL 5G technology upgrade takes it one step further by enhancing indoor coverage through the FULL 5G technology, as well as improving internet speeds along with a better latency. In accordance with our 5G development strategy, stc will continue to explore and introduce innovative solutions that customers can take advantage of to engage with the online world.”


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