February 17, 2021 government

MPs urge easing of anti-covid constraints, balance between living and health

Members of the National Assembly on Tuesday advised the government to loosen some restrictions that have been imposed due to the local flare-up of the coronavirus. Adel Al-Loughani, the assembly secretary-general, read recommendations for the government at conclusion of today’s extraordinary session, urging the executive authority to speedily draw up and submit reports regarding compensations for businessmen running tiny, small and medium enterprises, in addition to the law concerning the tackling of repercussions of the coronavirus spread.

One of the recommendations urges the cabinet to review previous resolutions shutting some businesses and shortening work hours in some sectors. Moreover, the MPs called for setting up a joint team of economic and medical experts, tasked with ensuring a balance between health and business requirements as well as living necessities.

Furthermore, they have stressed on the necessity of ensuring that incoming expatriates carry PCR test certificates. They also called for an increasing the number of vaccination centers and allotting bonuses for front liners in two months. One of the proposals says debt installments’ payment should be delayed for a year.


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