February 8, 2021 government

Municipality to work with 50% employees to counter the spread of coronavirus

The director-general of the municipality Ahmed Al-Manfuhi issued a circular calling on all sectors and administrative units in the municipality to take into account the preventive measures to counter the spread of the Coronavirus.

The circular stated that only 50 percent of the total worker capacity are to be present in a building at a given time. Employees are to work remotely with a weekly rotation system.

It also instructed the employees to commit to the official working hours for attendance and departure from eight-thirty in the morning until one in the afternoon. The electronic platforms will be continue set dates for reviewing citizens and residents of the municipality, and to complete procedures for completing transactions by electronic correspondence, according to the nature of the work of the organizational units.

Employees are expected to comply with the preventive measure regarding physical distancing and wearing masks throughout the work period.


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