February 2, 2021 telecom

350,000 people outside the country signed up for Kuwait Mobile ID

The total number of users on Kuwait Mobile ID app has exceeded 1,500,000 users, as there are increasing numbers joining on a daily basis among citizens and expats, Al-Qabas daily reported.

The sources noted that about 350,000 new users on the app while they were outside the country after renewing their civil id cards through the automatic system of the Civil Information Authority.

The authority is considering adding a category for children under 5 years old to the app, after a category of domestic workers was introduced to now benefit from the app’s services.

The sources pointed out that the issuance of the civil id card for all groups now takes only a few hours, and its owner can receive it on the same day or the next day, except for Article 18 visas for workers in the private sector. Another option is the app can act as a substitute for the physical civil card in transactions in Government departments and access other services.


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