Maternity care expensive in Kuwait

August 11, 2019

Latest figures put the lie to allegations by some lawmakers and others that expatriate women are coming to Kuwait in droves to deliver their babies here as maternity care in public hospitals is free of charge.

Data from immigration, and confirmed by health authorities, show that the number of women coming to Kuwait on a visit visa to give birth in public hospitals are very few because the cost of delivery in Kuwait is around KD400, which is more than double what it would cost expatriates in their own countries.

According to figures from hospitals and other medical sources, the cost of maternity delivery in the United States is around KD240; in Egypt it is KD182, in Iran it is KD160 and in Lebanon it is KD151 and KD94 in Jordan. In Morocco the cost of giving birth in hospital is KD285 while in the Philippines it costs around KD296. In Algeria, Pakistan and India child delivery is free, or only a token amount is charged, in government hospitals.

The decision by the Ministry of Health to increase the cost of health services offered to expatriates, including for child-birth, since October 2017 has also led to many expatriate women choosing to deliver their babies in the home countries.