Kuwaiti fashion designer Montaha Al-Ajeel presents the Monaliza royal look collection

January 9, 2019

With each new fashion season, Kuwaiti businesswoman and fashion designer, Montaha Al-Ajeel is always keen on presenting unique designs that reflect international glamour and combine the beauty of both soul and body. For the second time, Al-Ajeel named her unusual 2019 collection “Monaliza’, which reflects her full admiration of the legendary 3D painting that combines beauty, professionalism and mystery.

As creative as always in fashion design, Al-Ajeel used traditional British country fabrics known as tweed; a rough woolen fabric, with embroidered roses. This iconic fabric is known to be recreated each season. Al-Ajeel was also keen on photographing her collection in the Lebanese country side where the nature background fully matched the collection.

Monaliza collection is on display at Montaha Couture, the Avenues, Montaha Al-Ajeel and Moon Secret at Telal Shopping Mall. The collection is also on display at Harvey Nichols Kuwait and Doha as well as Bloomingdal’s, Kuwait.