Panel to pursue Kuwaitization policy

January 5, 2019

MoH sets up internal audit office to review work issues

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 3: Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health Dr Mustafa Reda has established an office for what he called the “internal audit” to review all work related to financial and administrative affairs in coordination with relevant authorities in the ministry, reports Al-Anba daily.

He added, the office is responsible for reviewing financial and accounting transactions to assess whether approvals, receipt and disbursement of funds are properly processed and recorded, while assessing adequacy and efficiency of the financial system and control procedures for monitoring funds and current and capital assets, including verification of financial information.

The office provides the Ministry Undersecretary objective information regarding weak financial control procedures, noncompliance with the established policies and procedures and the financial implications thereof. It handles auditing and reviewing of contracts concluded with the Ministry in accordance with the decisions and circulars of the regulatory bodies, while auditing information systems and ensuring the system’s activities are able to control the processes.

It also deals with storage and transfer of data accurately and efficiently and ensure the protection of systems from risks, as well as study and review reports of the Audit Bureau, the Ministry of Finance and Civil Service Commission through coordination with concerned authorities.

The Internal Audit Office under the watch of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health checks and evaluates efficiency of the departments and their level of commitment to decisions and administrative systems. Add to this is the implementation of tasks entrusted to them to ensure proper application of transactions and administrative decisions in accordance with the provisions of Civil Service Law and Regulations. It is also concerned with the preparation and organization of files and working papers in accordance with the requirements of each of the audited activities, preparing a periodic report on the audit and examination procedures.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the parliamentary Human Resources Committee MP Khalil Al-Saleh said they will discuss on Sunday with State Minister for Economic Affairs Maryam Al-Aqeel the government’s plan in implementing the replacement policy and Kuwaitization of jobs in the public and private sectors, reports Al- Rai daily. In his statement to the daily, the MP affirmed the committee will continue monitoring the implementation of the replacement policy considering there are nontechnical jobs occupied by expatriates although citizens are still on the employment waiting list.

He pointed out the committee was established to expedite the replacement policy and Kuwaitization of jobs by employing Kuwaitis instead of expatriates in the government sector and to impose reasonable quota for Kuwaitis in the private sector. He said the committee wants the minister to explain whether the government has a plan to implement the policy, and that she should announce a well-studied plan and time frame for gradual implementation with specific dates and proportions.

He reminded that the committee demanded for 90 percent completion of the Kuwaitization process in the next five years and the remaining percentage for expatriates in technical jobs. He revealed the committee will request for studies and statistics that the government announced in previous years, wondering why the government is slow in the implementation of the replacement policy and Kuwaitization of jobs, if there are obstacles which need to be addressed, or if there are some hands striving to thwart its implementation in both sectors.