Health insurance hospitals to serve two million expatriates

November 6, 2018

MP calls on minister to resign over flooding

KUWAIT: A new health insurance company’s full range of medical services will serve more than two million expatriates living and working in the country when they are completed, the new chairman of the National Assembly’s health committee said yesterday. MP Humoud Al-Khudhair said that when the Dhaman health assurance company begins operations, it will provide a complete range of medical services, from primary healthcare to advanced treatment at hospitals.

Khudhair however did not give any specific date when the services will be ready, but the Assembly has already approved a law for the company to offer medical services to expatriates in the country. The lawmaker said when the company will start its services, it will greatly reduce overcrowding at public hospitals and clinics all over the country, and will also reduce administrative and financial expenses on the government. He added the move will sharply improve the standard of medical services in the country.

At present, a majority of expatriates receive medical services at public health centers and hospitals after paying a mandatory health insurance fee of KD 50 per person annually, in addition to reduced charges for a variety of medical services in public clinics and hospitals. Last year, the health ministry sharply increased charges for medical services provided to expatriates by public health centers and hospitals.
Meanwhile, MP Faisal Al-Kandari yesterday accused Public Works Minister Husam Al-Roumi of being responsible for the damage caused by rains last week, and called on him to resign. He said the minister is no longer capable of running the daily affairs of his ministry, which has failed to deal with the “scandal” of the floodwaters that accumulated on the Sixth Ring Road.
The lawmaker said every year, millions of dinars are spent on roads and the sewage network, and questioned where did the money go when roads were affected after the first rainfall. Kandari said he will not accept any unsubstantiated reasons for what happened and the ministry has to be held to account. He also accused the minister of deliberately obstructing the execution of a number of road projects that had already been approved and questioned for whose interest this was done.

Separately, the newly-elected Assembly’s foreign relations committee yesterday elected opposition MP Abdulkarim Al-Kandari as its chairman, who said that there is an urgent need to activate the panel’s role due to the grave situation in the region.